Sunday, November 23, 2014

Every Christmas is a #MerrySMChristmas

Lots of people dread Christmas shopping. And who can blame them? The hardship begins with looking for a good parking space---this can be a challenge in itself as most people during this time spend the WHOLE day shopping and available spaces can be as scarce as diamonds in a cave. I've even asked for intercession from the saints in desperation! Let's not even talk about those that are ill-mannered enough to try to steal the space you obviously have dibs on.

Next are the crowds of, let's face it, more often than not, rude people. People who have no sense of personal space, who cut lines, or are just generally nasty, making life harder for hapless salespeople who are already harassed enough as it is. Crowded malls always mean long check out lines---it's as inevitable as nightfall.

Last, but not the least, after hours of shopping and aching feet, the icing on the cake is (drum roll)... TRAFFIC.

Of course, one could always shop early and avoid the above headache, but who has money to spend on gifts that early? Aside from day to day expenses, maintenance, tuition, and other stuff that must be prioritized, there just doesn't seem to be enough left for what seems to be "frivolity". This is where the 13th month pay or Christmas bonus is usually used for.

But I and my family make use of this day---we usually just take a day to do our shopping---(2 days tops!) to bond. As work from home parents (both of us are artists), we don't really do much going out. But when we do, especially around Christmas time, there's a special feeling that comes with spending a whole day with our kids in one and place and trying to beat the clock---the adrenalin rush to get all our shopping done leaves us all with a heady feeling. It makes us all look more kindly upon the harassed sales clerks and the long lines. Even the traffic fails to dampen our mood.

We love going to SM Malls for this yearly ritual, frankly because everything's there. Branded or not, they're all there. Also, there are lots of places to eat, depending on what we feel like eating and of course, our budget. We particularly like the fact that there's always a big and conveniently located CR on every floor---believe me, when you're shopping with small kids, this is a BIG deal.

I'm sure the staff at SM are ready for this season---after all, it IS a yearly thing. But coming up with inventive ways to entice customers to keep coming definitely requires ingenuity and skill. Just take a look at this video:

There is this special thing SM has come up with that will make giving even more special and meaningful. Imagine buying 2 bears big enough to cuddle for just Php200.00! That's cheap :) But that's not the best part---one bear is for you to keep or give away to whomever you want and the other is for a poor little orphan. Just imagine both you and the recipient each hugging a bear at the same time. I'm definitely putting this on my shopping list :)

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Have a Merry Christmas everyone!!!