Tuesday, March 3, 2009

10 Reasons Why Women are Working from Home

Well, being one myself, I can give a few insights into the matter:

1. More moms want to personally take care of their kids.

It's just a matter of going back to age old family traditions. The mother is the traditional home maker and the father is the bread winner. Since we women had already proven that we're better than men in the workforce, we can now comfortably sit back and revert to tradition.

2. More women want to prove that they can be housewives AND career women.

Multi-tasking is the word. Women can do it, men can't. Enough said.

3. Moms are more paranoid with their kids nowadays.

With all the stuff going around about kids being abused by their nannies, many moms feel that they should personally make sure that THIS does not happen.

4. Women who married their colleagues had to quit their jobs.

This is why office romance is a NO-NO.

5. More companies nowadays are open to telecommuters.

Companies are laying off people but they still need to get the job done. So they get homebased people who will do the same job with no benefits and at a lower rate even though these "workers" need to maintain their workstations themselves. it sucks, I know, but it's still better than nothing...

6. A lot of women are sold to the idea of being "their own boss".

Usually, those women who opt to stay and work at home have reached a high position in their chosen field. They are therefore ready to try being their own boss, start a biz, and dictate their own hours and rules.

7. A lot of moms feel guilty about leaving their kids with caregivers.

Show of hands ladies?

8. From an economic point of view, it's cheaper to stay at home than to commute.

No traffic, no dress code. You can go to work in a tank top and shorts and no one would care. Cool huh?

9. Personal computers have made it easier for people to start a homebased business.

There are a million and one things you can do with your computer. Desktop publishing, multimedia presentations, web design and development, internet marketing, etc.

10. Women can do everything and don't need colleagues to finish a job.

Similar to multi-tasking. I for one work better on my own.

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